The .btn class includes the style applied to all the button elements.

The following class modifiers can be used to create button variations:

If you need to modify this element globally, use the _buttons.scss file. IF NOT, overwrite styles using the stylesheet of each page.

CSS Class Description
.btn basic style of all button elements
.btn-primary main call-to-action button style
.btn-secondary Used for secondary actions
.btn-group Used for group of actions

            <button class="btn btn-primary">Button Primary</button>

            <button class="btn btn-secondary">Button Secondary</button>

            <div class="btn-group">
                <button class="btn btn-secondary">Option One</button>
                <button class="btn btn-primary">Option Two</button>

            <button class="btn btn-primary">
                <i class="fas fa-user-ninja"></i>